Dip Dyed Jacket & Lace Bralette + Life Updates!

So far, 2017 has been a rollercoaster but I am feeling some good vibes settling in. I haven’t posted in a week so let’s catch up on life and also talk about this badass outfit!!



Chicwish Faux Fur Jacket | Express Lace Bralette Black Denim | Body Chain (more on TRENDING CHIC) | Sunglasses



As announced earlier this month, I joined the styling team at LIT Boutique in Boston’s North End. I am having a blast dressing all of these fabulous women like smoke shows. Makes my day! On top of that, I am still styling clients privately and doing closet detoxes (email me for more info). I styled a college student in the past week that solidified why I am doing this. She told me that she has never felt more beautiful and her anxiety with trying on clothes was non-extant with me. That is exactly why I am doing this! Building confidence, beauty and a stronger inner self is everything and I am honored to help make that happen.


Health & Fitness:

In just a matter of weeks of becoming a brand ambassador for Xtend Barre Burlington my body has become so strong and is starting to sculpt & tone into the beach body I have been wanting. I have been taking about 3 classes a week but wish I had the time to take more! I am completely addicted to the energy and the workout.

When you dedicate the time to working out, you don’t want to ruin it by eating crap. So my diet has gotten even cleaner and it feels soooo good!! Once you start making those small adjustments everything changes! Better skin, more energy, clear thinking and of course a stronger body. Do yourself a solid and take care of yourself!!

If you live in the Boston area, please come take a class with me! The first one if free when you use my name, Danielle from A Chic Voyage! 



Sadly, my grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago after a long battle with cancer. It is a devastating loss to my family but at the same time, you hate to see someone you love suffering. We are happy she is at peace now.

My grandmother taught me so many things that I have carried through life and will continue to forever. Humility, loving deeply, respect, kindness, courage, strength and of course how to shop on a bargain were the big ones. I hope that you have an amazing role model in your life like my grandmother. Never take that for granted.



I have met some really good guys… I have been lucky so far. One thing that I have to share though is how I feel about the time and energy that they put into you. No matter how sweet or funny they are to you over the phone, if a guy can not spare an hour out of their week to see you in person, you need to move on.

Believe me, if a guy wants to see you, he will make it happen. If you haven’t seen him for 2 weeks or more, just change that relationship status in your mind to “just friends” and move on. Either he is not into you anymore or he is dating someone else that he is putting his time into. Ya, it may hurt your feelings but why do you want to date someone that doesn’t want to make time for you? If they aren’t, just accept it (DO NOT overthink or dwell on it) and carry on with the ones who are interested in seeing you in real life!


In conclusion…..

Just 16 days into 2017 and there are many changes in my life. My advice to you as you go through the ups and downs is to always think positively and do what makes you happy. 2017 is all about the good vibes for your soul, mind, body and how you interact with others. Create the life you want!