Aglow Airbrush Tanning


The look of sun kissed skin is radiant and beautiful!

You know that feeling at the end of August when your skin is glowing? This is how I want to feel year round! I am so happy to have found Aglow Airbrush Tanning to give me that “I just went to a tropical island” look.

Read more below about my experience with Aglow and see my before & after shots!


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Before I go for my spray tan, I shower using a loofah and exfoliator on my face and body. This will eliminate dead skin and leave your skin as clean as possible for the spray tan to soak into your skin. I do not apply any lotion as the spray tan will not be able to do it’s job if there is already a layer of moisturizer on your skin. The formula in the tanner will be nourishing enough for you to get through the day or night.


Walking into Aglow Airbrush Tanningyou enter a fabulous waiting area and are greeted by an experienced spray tan artist who will help you choose the right level tanner for your skin tone. Since my skin already has an olive tone, I use the level 10 with two sprays on my face, hands and feet. Those are the areas of the body that seem to fade the quickest since they perspire and are washed the most.


Aglow Airbrush Tanning provides you with all of the necessary fixings you need during the spray tan like a shower cap, and disposable thong.

The spray tan artist carefully and thoroughly sprays your body from head to toe with the natural solution and then dries you off with a warm dryer. The whole process is quick, only about 10-15mins!


What you do after your tan will determine how well your color will develop.

You must wear loose, dark clothing after tanning so that the tanner does not rub off (don’t wear a bra!). It is very important that you do not perspire or shower for 8 hours after the tan. This will allow the tanner to fully develop on your skin. Your color will look much darker immediately after your appointment but will fade slightly after one shower.

Don’t be scared about the tanner coming off in the shower. It is totally normal and will not effect your glow!


In order to maintain the color and prevent the tan from fading too quickly, Aglow provides a take home self tanner to apply before bedtime. This is free with the purchase of a full body tan!


Aglow provides each customer with instructions on how to care for your tan so there is no worry about forgetting what I just told you!

Aglow tan lasts about 7-10 days but I have been able to make my tan last 14-17 days with the proper care! I am officially addicted!!!

On the left is before I got sprayed and on pictured on the right is immediately after my spray tan! Look at that tan line! Don’t mind my sleepy face…I am not a morning person.


The images featured in this post were taken the day after my tan. I got so many compliments that I looked “beautiful” and “glowing” and many people asked where I went on vacation! lol


The best way to get the sun kissed look without damaging your skin is with AglowTell them ACV sent you!

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Happy Glowing!