Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over

In less than 2 weeks, 2016 will be in the past (can I get an amen for that?!?!). This year I did a lot of self reflecting and found that I was taking life, myself and everything in between way too seriously. Once I got myself to loosen up in the past 6 months, I have never had so much fun!

What better way to end the most whacked year in history than to do some fun, spontaneous sh*t!

Scroll down for 5 ways to be spontaneous before the year is over. You definitely need to know about #3!!Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over


Kendall Jenner 21st Bday inspired top: Express | Red Skirt: LIT Boutique, Similar here from Chic Wish

1. Cross something small off of your bucket list.

Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over

The bucket list doesn’t only have to be filled with extravagant places or events. Think of all of the times you said how badly you wanted to try a local restaurant – GO EAT THERE! Or have been wanting to donate time or possessions to a certain charity – GO GIVE TO THOSE WHO NEED YOUR HELP! Or take a class at a gym you’ve been dying to try – GO WERK IT! (Most gyms offer complimentary day passes and it won’t cost you a thing!)

Do one small thing that make yourself happy before 2016 is over.

2. Wear something you never had the guts to wear this year.

Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over

Take a fashion risk! Why the hell not!

I am sure you are attending a lot of events between this week and NYE so wear something wild, show-stopping (like today’s featured outfit!!), and creative. This is the time of year you can get away with something over the top if you don’t usually take risks with your outfits.

3. Have a sleepover in a different city (for cheap $$!).

Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over

I absolutely love staying in hotels…even in my own city! Not having to clean up after yourself, fresh sheets, exploring new neighborhoods and experiencing the local flair. It is THE BEST! Last minute deals are always available as the hotel does not want the room to go empty for the evening.

Two ways I book for a bargain: I have gotten some major deals on this site. For example, a few weeks ago I booked a room at the Boston Park Plaza for only $100 on a SATURDAY NIGHT! One of the best hotels in Boston in the most beautiful neighborhood in the city… that’s unheard of! #yourewelcome

Hotel Tonight App: This is only available as an App download and is super easy to use. Prices are significantly slashed when compared to booking straight from the hotel website. You can also share the love with a friend and each get $25 off your next booking! Sign up people!

4. Eat something you have never tried in your life.

silver sparkle top

Someone I met this year (we will call him GQ) introduced me to a lot of new foods that I have never been interested in trying. GQ is too cute to say no to, so this year I ate oysters, tuna tartare, and beef carpaccio for the first time in my life. Damn was I missing out! SOOO YUMMY!

Don’t be afraid to eat something new… you can always spit it out if you don’t like it!

5.Tell someone EXACTLY how you feel about them.

Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over

Ya know what, life is short not to! I am not saying to go around being rude telling people off. Positive vibes only here people.

What I mean is, if you really like someone and haven’t told them how you feel, just do it. If you haven’t told a family member in awhile how much you love them, say it now! If you have a friend that has been so supportive of you all year long, give them some verbal lovin’! Love and kindness goes far and always comes back around.

Be Spontaneous Before the Year is Over

I hope you spend the rest of your 2016 spontaneously and have a fantastic time doing it! #YOLO

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