Coco with a twist

Visualize a classic black and white outfit accessorized with a quilted bag. Doesn’t Coco Chanel automatically come to mind?! An absolute fashion icon who created a timeless, distinctly recognizable look that will forever be chic. How do you take that classic Coco style and put your own twist on it? Read below!

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Chicwish Flare Sleeve Top | Topshop Lace Velvet Shorts | Steve Madden OTK Boots | Express Quilted Handbag | Forever21 Fedora last season Similar here | Angel Wing Necklace from Leaf Boutique Brookline

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The fundamental ingredients for the classic Chanel look are the black and white pieces from head to toe. The details and silhouettes choices are how you can make the look your own.

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My style tends to be on the sexier side so instead of wearing a classic trouser, I opted for these lacey, velvet shorts with OTK boots. Just showing that little bit of thigh takes the classic black and white to an edgier look.

AChicVoyage_1.12.17-37 AChicVoyage_1.12.17-38

I also love the drama of a unique piece and this flare sleeve top does just that! It is conservative with the mock neck but still soon chic with that fitted silhouette and flare sleeves.

AChicVoyage_1.12.17-39 AChicVoyage_1.12.17-41

Pearl accessories are also classic Chanel. However, ACV is more flashy so a nice “ghetto gold” (as Carrie Bradshaw would say) fits perfectly here. Bringing the gold into the fedora, necklace and quilted handbag creates a cohesive flow of blingdom.

AChicVoyage_1.12.17-42 AChicVoyage_1.12.17-43

Try pulling inspiration from designers and fashion icons to create an iconically influenced look but with your own special twist. What is your signature type of look? How do you want to be remembered fashion-wise. Make a statement and create your own fashion footprint in this world!

Have a great week all!

Happy Shopping!

xo, D*Marie