Healthy Hair Care Routine

I have always wanted that healthy, bouncy, bombshell hair without having to add in extensions. By applying a lot of effort and care into my daily hair care routine, my mane has become my best accessory!

Read below to find out how I got my hair in tip-top shape.

healthy hair care routine

Though I owe a lot of my great hair qualities to my genes and my hairstylist, my daily hair care routine keeps my locks shiny, long and healthy.

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1.  Take your biotin.

As mentioned in my post over the summer about “How I grew my hair 6+ inches in one year” (read that post here), Biotin was and still is a very important part of my hair health. Taking one pill a day will help strengthen, grow and provide a shiny glow to your mane.


2. Rotate your shampoos.

Think of this in the same way as your fitness routine. When you do the same workout all the time, your body will plateau and you will not see results. If you change up your workout, your body will respond in a positive way with great results. Same goes for your shampoo.

 First, you need to figure out what your hair concerns are. For me, my hair is very straight, flat and is prone to damage from coloring/bleaching every 5 weeks. I like my end results to be high volume, strong, blonde-ish, shiny hair. Therefore, the types of shampoo I rotate between are (NOTE: I prefer to use Redken products since my hair has had the best response to their formulas):

Diamond Oil High Shine

Color Extend

High Rise Lifting 

Beach Envy Volume & Texturizing

Along with rotating shampoos, I only use a dime sized amount of conditioner on my ends so that it does not weigh my hair down. The spray in conditioner AFTER the shower is key to getting that soft hair, not the actual conditioner you use in the shower.


3. Brush out your wet hair properly. 

This is where you can damage your hair the most by forcing a poor quality brush through your knots that are not conditioned properly. Two very key items for healthy locks are “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin” which you spray in after the shower and “The Wet Brush” that should be used to detangle your wet hair. Both products are amazing and recommended by all of my hairstylist friends and fellow bloggers.


4. When possible, air dry & don’t use hot tools.

The heat can be damaging to your hair and cause split ends. Air drying is recommended if you can get away with it or if you have no where to go, try not to blow-dry. I only curl my hair when I am going out, otherwise, I leave it as is. When I do curl my hair, I use the Hot Tools Ceramic and Tourmaline quality that helps with shine and reduces frizz. A little side tip for the longhaired ladies,using the XL (extra long) barrel will help reduce your curling time and hold your over-all curls in better than a standard size.


5. Instead of teasing, use a firm hold hairspray. 

Volume is very much a desired quality as it gives a healthy, bouncy look to your mane. Teasing on occasion is ok but not everyday. It can seriously damage your hair. A great alternative to teasing is using a firm hold hairspray. I prefer the BedHead by TIGI Hard Head formula. I lift my hair in sections and spray in between and up, hitting my roots from a few inches away. I find that spraying a few times lightly creates more volume than once with a heavy hand.


I receive a lot of questions about the products I use in my hair. I just had to give you the 411! Of course, everyone’s hair is different and you will need to tweak your routine based on what works best with your hair type.

Also, remember that what you put into your body effects your overall health. Eating right and drinking a lot of water certainly has had a positive effect on my hair health.

I wish you the very best hair days in 2017!

Have a happy & safe NYE!