Make a New Year’s Eve Fashion Statement

New Year’s Eve is the ultimate “make a fashion statement” evening. It is a night when you say farewell to another year and get to start fresh with a brand new one. Why not show this New Year what you’re made of? When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, your outfit should say “Hey, 2017… I’ve arrived!!”

How do you want to arrive in the New Year? What will your outfit say about how you are going to slay the next 12 months? Here are 5 NYE looks that will 2017 your bitch:

1. Clean Slate

make a new year's eve fashion statement

2016 was a rough one for a lot of people, including myself. The great thing about a New Year is that it brings a clean slate and a fresh start. An all white look this NYE will wash away all of those dark days of 2016. Style Tip: Wearing a nude, silver or gold shoe with an all white outfit. It will keep the look clean and you looking tall!


2. Confident & Fearless

Talk about body language… woo!! Sheer lace with no lining, only your undergarments peaking through. This is one smokin’ hot look, ladies! It exudes confidence, strength, a fearless attitude you want to bring with you in the New Year.

I am dying over this sheer lace look and will be wearing it to a party this weekend! Check back on my Instagram this weekend to see!


3. Who’s The Boss Babe?

So long to the power pantsuit and hello to the power jumpsuit! A jumpsuit is a chic, sexy, powerful silhouette that will make you feel like a boss babe. Wear a sequin blazer to add a little NYE glitz & glam to this look.


4. Bedazzle Them

2017 is your year to shine! Bedazzle them with unique body chain jewelry. These pieces can be worn layered over your garments or strategically intertwined with your garments. I guess it depends on the climate you are celebrating in and the amount of clothes you need to wear! Or whatever, wear what you want!


5. Cut-out the BS

cut-out dress

A fresh start means that you can cut-out all of that BS in your life and not let into the New Year. These dresses with edgy cut-outs sets your tone for 2017!


I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with a new attitude and more chic fashion!

Have a WONDERFUL Hanukkah/Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family & friends. Laugh at old memories, make some new ones and drink plenty of festive cocktails!

I’ll be back next week with the 411 on my daily hair routine! Stay tuned!