Single & Looking for Chic

OK, it is time for me to just say it out loud (in blog form).

I. Am. Single.

single and looking for chic

I have been very hesitant about putting this part of my life out there because it is so new to me and coming off of a rocky year, it was hard to talk about. Time heals all and I am now ready to share more of this new life with my fabulous followers. Let’s face it, we have all been through some rough times and we can help one another with our own personal stories.

This year I got divorced. I had been with this man for 12 years. My entire adult life up until now was all about making sure he was happy and taken care of, brushing my own needs and wants under the rug. I had grown so accustomed to it that it was just my way of life. It was all I knew.

So now what happens when the focus of your entire life is YOU?!

single & looking for chic

Of course there are days that are terribly hard, especially around holidays and birthdays. Having that optimistic outlook (as mentioned in a previous blog post)  and focusing on your needs are ways to get you through all of those bad days and will make you soar through all of the good ones.

What I discovered that comes along with the single life is having more clarity than ever before. It became very clear to me what makes me feel good and what makes me feel awful. Before the line was very blurry. Allowing myself to be afraid, worried or hesitant was no longer an option. Life is now all about how to be the best me and to direct all my energy into rebuilding my happiness.

This definitely includes my bucket list (read that post here). Making this list is keeping me focused and goal oriented. 

Faux Leather leggingssingle & looking for chic single + looking for chic liquid leggings quilted black handbagstrapless shimmer top for new years eve

Now the question is, what makes me happy?! Of course my family is numero uno but outside of that, what makes me shine?

Fashion has always been the answer. Whether it is styling and building confidence in others, dressing myself up, marathon shopping, or talking about fashion, it has always been the one thing that lights up my soul.

Currently, I am working on ways to expand this fashion blog and styling business into something that is not only my full time job, but the love of my life. After all, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I am single & looking for chic.

To me, fashion is about expressing an indivual’s unique personality while shining with confidence. If you are happy with yourself inside first, you will be willing to take more risks and make bold moves (in fashion and in life!).

What lights your fire? What are you most passionate about? I encourage you, whether single or in a relationship, to never loose sight of your passion and to do what deep down makes you the happiest in life. Listen to your gut, follow your dreams, and make shit happen!


Happy Self-Love & Shopping!