Sparkle Skirt + Crushed Velvet Crop

I’m an interesting combination of “really sweet” and “don’t f*ck with me”. True story in the life of a Gemini or just a strong woman in general. When your sweetness, kindness and generosity is taken advantage of, you have got to let your unicorn horns come out. Here is when you know when to draw the line….



Chicwish Sparkle Skirt | TopShop Crushed Velvet Crop | Ilymix Sunglasses (Use Code ‘CHIC20’ to get 20% off!) | Necklace from TJ Maxx


1. If someone is taking advantage of your generosity with time, love or money, break out the horns. In the moment, you may not fully realize it or maybe you are in denial, but you should never allow someone to take advantage of you. Try to look at it as if your friend was in that situation. Would you think it is ok for her continue to live that way? I don’t think so!


2. If a person in your life is straight up rude and insulting to you, get those horns out! There was one girl who I met many years ago that was soooo nasty to me right off the bat and felt that it was appropriate to put me down in front of others. I would never, ever be in this girl’s presence ever again and I let everyone know that I wouldn’t tolerate it. Needless to say she was pretty embarrassed, as she should be.


3. When your dreams are put down or laughed at, use that horn like a dagger to keep those miserable people away from you! You create your future, you make things happen in your life and you decide what is best for you! Who are these people to tell you they are not achievable?! RUDE!


4. When someone is jealous of your success or happiness, get that horn out and tell them to back off! And ya know what, if they are acting jealous towards you, they are probably talking behind your back too. Do you really need that in your life? A true friend will never be jealous of your achievements and will support you 1,000,000%.


5. If your hard work, time and dedication is not valued at your job, release the horns. Stick up for yourself because you know your worth. If you are not getting what you deserve, look for a company that will give that to you. There are plenty of amazing companies out there that will see your value. You just can not be afraid to take that next step and move on.


 I firmly believe in karma and what goes around comes back around (JT knew what was up, sorry Brit). I also think that being in control of your own life is so incredibly important. It is easy sometimes to just continue in a comfort zone or to sit in silence but that will not make you feel good or live the life you really truly want.

Never let anyone dull your sparkle!