Stop & Listen to Your Body

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama


STOP! Listen to your body.

What is it telling you right now? Really pay attention to how you feel from head to toe. If you feel great, what did you eat or drink that possibly made you feel that way. If you feel awful, there is absolutely a reason and hoping it goes away tomorrow is not a solution.

What is happening and how can you make it better?

As most of you know, I eat about 80% clean and 20% of all the goodies in moderation. I started doing this over a year ago when I was under a tremendous amount of stress and my body was literally breaking down by the day. I was developing a strange rash every time I ate pizza or had cream in my coffee. I would get an instant headache with one bite of a sweet and sugar in the morning made me completely nauseous. I made the decision to cut way back on my dairy and reduce my sugar intake dramatically. This was really heartbreaking for a girl who would put down a whole large pizza and a bag of Doritos! However, making these two changes improved my health significantly by reducing my indigestion, headaches were non existant and the rashes were no longer appearing. Along with my barre workouts and these new eating habits, I felt AMAZING!!

Fast forward to a few months ago when I went about 15 steps backwards.

I was “trying” cheese again (meaning I would sprinkle a little on my quinoa pasta) and my face would blow up and break out. I was eating a little bread at dinner and could literally smell the gluten coming out of my pores when I exercised the next day. My body was not processing foods properly and I was so bloated all over. I gained 5 lbs in one month which, for a girl who has pretty much weighed the same since high school, was a major red flag. After a weekend of enjoying a food truck festival, day drinking and a Pats game, my body screamed “STOP!!!”

I listened.


Eating what I defined as “clean” 80% of the time was not working any longer and I needed outside help to figure out what was happening as well as keeping me consistently nourished. I enlisted the help of 3 fantastic companies to get me back to feeling like myself.

1. Jess Spinner, Health Coach of The Whole Dancer

Jess studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is now a Health & Lifestyle Coach for The Whole Dancer, as well as an instructor at Xtend Barre. I have known Jess for a while and am always picking her brain about certain foods or vitamins but I never asked her for help until now.

Jess and I are working through multiple session over the next 3 months where she is placing me on an elimination diet and then reintroducing foods slowly after 3 weeks to find out which foods are the culprit. She is also introducing new vitamins and probiotics to help with processing foods properly.

After day 1, I could not believe how much better I felt already! I know it sounds crazy but just making these small changes, it made a big difference. I have a long way to go but I can already see my body responding positively to the changes. When I can drink alcohol again in November, I will give a big cheers to that! And let’s hope alcohol is not the issue here!

Jess wants to see us all feeling our very best so she is offering my followers a 15% discount on her services when you use “achicvoyage” at check out!! Follow the link here to sign up!


Please note: The details of this diet are tailored specifically for my body and my health history. Yours will most likely vary. 

2. Kettlebell Kitchen

Though I do love to meal prep, some weeks I just don’t have the time. With this elimination diet I will be on for the next few weeks, I need to know every ingredient that I am consuming and there is a lot that I need to stay away from. That alone is a lot of prepping and on top of that, making sure my man is well fed is important too!

Kettlebell Kitchen has come to my rescue! KBK allows you to order a la carte or create a custom meal plan with their team of nutritionists. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. All ingredients are clearly listed for each item and their meal specials change every week so you never get sick of eating the same thing! The portions are hearty as well! My boyfriend is always full from the meals and to me, each meal is like 2 servings.

These are some of our favorites!

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Kettlebell Kitchen wants to help energize your body too so they are offering my followers $20 off (for $30 min) when you use code “KBKCHIC” at checkout!

3. Radiance Skin Care Salon

You know the saying you are what you eat? Well your skin definitely shows it!

Whatever was irritating me inside was also effecting me on the outside. My skin was clogged, dull and I was seeing breakouts. Jessica at Radiance Skin Care examined my skin and recommended dermaplaning and a gentle facial to remove and heal the clogging. I had only heard about dermaplaning before this appointment. Well let me tell you, it is like exfoliating five years of your life off of your face! Jessica gently scraped the top layer of dead skin cells and hair with a scalpel. My face felt like baby skin plus dewy and hydrated! The next day my makeup on went like buttah!

These photos are not of me but are Jessica’s actual clients.

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Radiance Skin Care is offering 10% off facial services to my followers when mentioning “A Chic Voyage” during booking or at your appointment!

“Your body is a temple. Treat it accordingly.”

I am sharing my voyage to better health with you in hopes that I am reaching someone who is also in need of nutritional assistance. Don’t spend one more day feeling like crap!

Here is a recap of the ACV discounts:

Jess Spinner, Health Coach of The Whole Dancer: “achicvoyage” for 15% off

Kettlebell Kitchen: “KBKCHIC” $20 off (for $30 min) 

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Here’s to your health!!