Tone Up Your Body Sans the Gym

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I love a good sweat sesh but you will never find me in a traditional gym. I am the awkward girl who never knows how to use the machines properly and wanders around like what am I supposed to be doing here?! I prefer an instructed class but more so, just running, walking, dancing, skipping on my own! Of course we all have busy days and there are times we just can not get a workout in. HereĀ are a few things I have changed in my daily routine to keep my body toned:

1. While brushing my teeth, SQUAT. While blow drying my hair, SQUAT. While I am waiting for my food to heat up in the microwave, SQUAT. If your lower body is not being occupied at the moment just drop it down low! I love to multitask!

2. I have a long commute and that truly can do damage to your body. I like to stay as active as I can in the car AKA auto dance parties. Put on music that makes you feel like you’re at the club with the girls and isolate your abs. Tighten your stomach and move to the music. I learned quickly to get over the people staring in the next car over. Whatever, I am having way more fun on my commute than that person anyway!

3. Take the stairs!!! If there is an option to take the stairs vs the elevator, take the stairs! I take the stairs even when I am holding shopping bags. I just take it slow and pay attention to how my body is feeling with each step.

4. Wear fitted clothing. One summer, all I wore was maxi dresses and I swear I gained 10lbs. When you don’t feel your clothes against your skin, it makes you more relaxed and you feel that there is plenty of room to eat moreĀ and be lazy (hence why PJs are so amazing). I try to wear a fitted piece most everyday (meaning skinny jeans or a body con dress or fitted tank).

5. Wear heels or wedges most of the time. It forces you to work your core and butt. I also find it helps with my posture. I always slump when I wear flats and my body never feels good after. Adding a little height under foot keeps you upright and tight!

I hope these little changes help you as well!

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Happy Toning & Happy Shopping!