What you need to take the perfect selfie

what you need to take the perfect selfie

It is the holiday season which means we are going to parties, seeing old friends, making new friends, reuniting with family and this means that we are all going selfie cray cray!

You need to be ready for all of those pics, especially the ones that get posted without your approval (we all have a friend like that). There is some prep work that you will want to do before you pose with those pearly whites or duck face. Here is what you need to get that picture perfect selfie:

  1. Facial Masks – The Sephora Collection Green Tea & Pomegranate Masks are my favorite. These masks are a one time use wet gauze like material that reduces puffiness and makes your skin look glowing and hydrated. You only need to leave it on for 10-15 mins. I put them on after I shower in the morning so I am fresh faced at the beginning of the day.
  2. Self Tanning Wipes – What a godsend these are when you’re in between spray tans or just need a little color for a special event. Sephora only sells their brand pictured above in store but Tarte is another brand that work just the same. After I shower, use my facial mask and put lotion on, then I use the tanning wipes.
  3. Pore Perfector – We all want to have small or non existent pores but some of us, like myself, are just not that blessed. Using a Pore Perfector before you apply your foundation is key in making those pesky pores appear smaller. Also, your foundation will go on smoother and will last longer.
  4. Beauty Blender – Using a Beauty Blender to apply your foundation will make your skin look so smooth and dewy. If I am having a dry skin day, I add a little water onto the blender and it gives my skin a nice glow. This blender is great to apply under eye concealer and highlight/contour as well.
  5. Sculpting Palette – The Make Up For Ever sculpting palette has everything you need to create your highlights and contours as well as conceal the dark under eye spots. The consistency is great for blending and mixing.
  6. Glow Becca Shimmer is my absolute favorite product to get that glam glow on your cheek bones and under your brow. When the camera flash goes off, your glowing skin will pop in the best way possible! Think Kim K selfie… yaaasss.
  7. Oil Blotting Sheets – I buy these oil blotting sheets like they’re going out of business. They are the number one thing I do not leave the house without and have in every single purse in my closet so that when I change bags I will never forget them. The blotting sheet take away that shine on your t-zone that does not look pretty in pictures. It helps to make your oily areas look more matte. For oily skinned girls like me, using these a few times a day also helps prevent breakouts.
  8. Selfie Light – The single greatest invention for taking amazing selfies! This selfie ring light clips right on to your cell phone, any size phone really. It has 3 levels of light brightness and only uses 2 AAA batteries. I have the LUMI and prefer this light so much more because it illuminates right around the camera lens, giving you that perfect lighting facial lighting. It highlights your glowing areas and gives you a softer look than you would get with a flash. Best part? It is under $12!!! Everyone was going bananas over this light this past weekend when I was out in Boston. It really helped a lot with the dark bar lighting and was great for snapchat too!

Click the images below to purchase everything you need to get the perfect selfie!

This would make a really great gift basket idea for the holidays! I mean come one, even your grandmother takes selfies now. We can all use it!

Happy Shopping!