Why I haven’t posted on my blog in four months

The last time I posted here was March 22nd. There were soooo many times that I started posts late at night or really early in the morning or even while I was on the train commuting to work but then I stopped myself and put the computer away. Here is why I haven’t posted on my blog in four months.

Why I haven't posted on my blog in 4 months



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One of the reasons, and the most important reason, why I took a break from blogging is because I was falling in love with a really great man.

I was not prepared for it, I did not expect it, and I was really taken back by it. So much so, that I tried to run away from it. I knew after our first date of raw, honest, and incredible conversations that I would fall hard for him. So naturally, I told him we could only be friends. #idiot

He did not give up on me and proved that he would be well worth opening my heart to him. If I kept running, I would’ve missed out on the greatest relationship of my life. I had to make a choice to spend my very limited free time blogging or to spend it with him to nurture this relationship that was growing into something incredible. It was a no brainer. To me, love is above all else and he is everything I have ever hoped for in a partner plus MORE! He came with the most adorable little mini-me that has made my summer so much fun and filled with so much love! I chose to make him and our new life together #1.

Why I haven't posted on my blog in 4 months

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Another reason for putting blogging on the back burner is because I have been struggling with the direction I want to go in for my own brand and career. I did not want to post something just to post. Fashion has always been my love but these days, I want to do something so much deeper and meaningful than just posting outfits. I have always been a very emotional, passionate person and eager to help others. I am trying to find a way to make all of my passions cohesive and impactful. As a Gemini, sometimes I loose focus and try too many things at once. My new motto is “Do less with more focus on what you love”.

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Finally, I chose to spend more time working on my health and wellness at Xtend Barre Burlington. It is not only a studio to impact your physical health, it is a sanctuary of women who support women. One class every other week was not doing anything for my physical and mental health. I needed to focus on the commitment to exercise, building my body and mind into a strong well functioning machine. With the commitment of taking more classes throughout the week, I wanted to eat cleaner which meant more meal prep and taking the time to put love into my meals.  It also meant that I had more conversations with women that supported me and I supported them right back.

My commitment to Xtend Barre Burlington has been a top priority for me these past 6 months and there is no turning back! It also helps that my amazing BF lives a healthy life as well. He has been my biggest motivator for this healthy lifestyle that I am so passionate about! I know for sure that you will hear more about this on AChicVoyage.com in the future!

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I am not giving you excuses of why I couldn’t get over here to write. I am explaining why I chose not to. My final thoughts:

There are people who are gems, special intimate moments, and life events that should not be missed. Love and relationships that are deeply real are worth 150% of your time. Make them a priority.

Many people go through periods of confusion, feeling lost or need to reevaluate their direction. I am just having one of those moments but am confident that with my people around me (that includes you!), I will find my way!

Your health is meant to be cared for early on in life so that you can live the best life possible. Pay attention to your body as well as your mind. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to it’s healthiest point and then continue to challenge yourself so that you can break beyond that healthiest point!

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Whatever you are going through in life, know that you’re not alone. We can be so happy yet still struggle at the same time. Surround yourself with people who will lift you during the lows and praise you at your highs. Just remember that the only one who truly knows what you need in life is you! Be good to yourself.

Namaste and Happy Friday, friends!