Wrap Front Bodysuit

Striped off the shoulder topWrap front bodysuit off the shoulder bodysuit cut off shorts Wrap front bodysuit Wrap front bodysuit black fedora striped bodysuit off the shoulder top cut off shorts off the shoulder stripe top lace up heels
cut off shorts Wrap front bodysuit
Wrap front bodysuit cut off shorts Black Fedora

Wrap Front Bodysuit Socialite | Choker Bauble Bar | Cut Off Shorts Marshalls – Similar Here from TOPSHOP | Sunglasses (20% OFF WHEN YOU USE CODE ‘CHIC20’ AT CHECKOUT) | Fedora Sold Out – Similar Here | Lace Up Sandals Sold Out – Similar Here


Every single day, no matter where you are, be observant and take note of all of the fashion inspiration around you. There is SO MUCH out there you would be surprised when you really start looking. When I travel especially, I am always taking pictures or mental notes of the fashion around me. It could be someone random walking down the street, a bartender all gussied up, the decor at a swanky hotel or the visual merchandising in a boutique. It’s all up to you how to interpret it and then make it your own!

This look here is inspired by many places. The Wrap Front Bodysuit reminds me of Paris. I can also see this with a full A-Line skirt and killer heels a la Carrie Bradshaw! The Fedora and Choker have a very cool, boho LA vibe. The Cut Off Shorts and Lace Up Sandals give a badass, give-no-fucks New York attitude! As for the Sunglasseswell I would say they have that firey Miami spice!! All of that put together, this look is A Chic Voyage of D*Marie’s closet straight outta Boston!

How does travel inspire your every day looks?!


Happy Shopping!