Xtend Barre Brand Ambassador

I am honored and humbled to announce that I have been selected to be a brand ambassador for Xtend Barre Burlington!

xtend barre brand ambassador

Style is not only what you wear, it is how you live. Taking care of the mind, body and soul is the foundation of A Chic Voyage. Without that, you can not dress with confidence and take on the world! The end of last year was when I really nurtured my mind and soul. Now it is time to work the body! Are you ready to do the same?!

xtend barre brand ambassador xtend barre brand ambassador

(Sweatshirt & Jacket Can be purchased at Xtend Barre Burlington)

Exercising at a typical gym has never worked for me. I have always been super awkward on the machines and become bored easily. I started doing workouts at home but it got lonely! Can you relate?! Killer music, an enthusiastic instructor and a great workout to tone my body is everything that I have been wanting and that I have found in Xtend Barre Burlington

Don’t feel intimidated by the “barre” if you’ve never been a dancer. I would describe the workout more of a feminine circuit targeting all of the body parts us women want to be toned. It’s not about bulking up or dropping pounds, it’s about sculpting your body. I have been in classes with women ranging from early 20’s up to 60’s in all different shapes and sizes. The Xtend Barre classes are about making YOUR BODY the best YOUR BODY has ever looked with the encouragement of all of the women around you to power through the 55 mins.

xtend barre brand ambassador

Major bonus, Xtend Barre Burlington offers more than just barre classes. They also offer TRX, circuit and suspend classes that will challenge your body with a diverse workout moving your body from ordinary to extraordinary!

Did I mention that it is right next-door to the Burlington Mall and my all time favorite clean-eats restaurant, Pressed Cafe?! Plus a million other restaurants and places to shop. It’s the place to be!

Come join me on this voyage for a healthy, toned body in 2017! We’re all in this together!

View the schedule at  Xtend Barre Burlington here or shoot me an email at achicvoyage@gmail.com and I will help you out.

Looking forward to seeing you at the barre!!